The DCTC committee meets monthly to oversee the operations and running of the tennis club. The committee is elected at the club’s Annual General Meeting.  All club members are welcome to join the committee.

The aim of the committee is to create, maintain and sustain our clubs growth.  We aim to provide first rate facilities for safe, enjoyable tennis and provide a friendly environment for social and competition tennis.   The club hopes to grow by offering a good service to the community, maintaining a high standard of behaviour and culture and by providing a professional tennis coaching service.

The club also has a junior committee to oversee the operations of junior competition tennis. The junior committee welcomes parents interested in helping out.

For the 2018 / 2019 year, the committee is made up of the following persons:

General Committee Office Bearers

Geoff Rolfe
0404 827 847

Jan Towns
0419 308 560

Assistant Treasurer
Keith Towers
0418 521 059

Michelle Pike
0413 594 577

Committee Members

Lyn Fleming, Jackie Carr, Marc Olynyk, Howard Morris, Laszlo Heczey


Junior Committee Members

Geoff Rolfe (0404 827 847)